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Because I forsake him

he now forsakes me




placed among the living deprived

disguised, force to hide with little to no holy pride

Had to lie

strangled by,

a wry,

war cry

of what most folks would call a perpetual life

because I engaged

while enraged, with diabolical estrangement

governed by loneliness

prepared by my wretched cowardliness

But I digress…

and address  my complex  rashness

and floor the rest


I foresaked him

and now he forsakes me.



Stripped and Ripped

Stripped raw



a matter of forefront for choices

and noises

that escape from my lips, leaving burnt tips

of frustration and admiration of the constant, unrelenting, disastrous situations

and wisdom, a criticism of individualism

I’d rather follow not lead, that way I don’t have to think

choices made, eyes closed

no need to feel exposed.

Ripped off

pissed off

jacked off in a jacked up existence

tierd of pretenses, with prefixes of a precarious pre-existence.